7 November 2014

told myself

assalamualaikum and morning u olls. 

rare menaip waktu pagi ni since i got classes every morning but today it postponed to the evening and yeahh lets write ! okeyy lets start. HATI PEREMPUAN NI MEMANG LEMBUT MACAM KAPAS KE CMNA ? hahaha. huruf besar. i think im a lady with a strong steel heart. but im wrong babe ! perghhhh. small matter but been cried like a baby. told myself .

"dont layan la perasaan sedih kau tu. sudah sudah. haihhh. why so cengeng. "

but i realized something. Not put my ego in high place anymore. yeayy ! eventho i dunno how to fix the situation kan but at least im not making it worse. kan kan kan. dia macam gini tau. kau redha jak la tu salah kau, consider it as your fault then you will not argue benda tu. kau akan diam dan bawa diri. mcm aku. (tp mmg salah aku pn) hahaha. ehhh tapi kena tngok situasi la jugak. kalau situasi macam 

kau kena tuduh mencuri padahal kau xmencuri pun

takkan la nak mengaku kan. *kecuali kes alif aziz la. tu lain sikit* kahkahkah. well. dah besar okeyy. matang tu suda ada dalam diri. why u have to act like a baby like a kid. tak nak mengalah . ohh pliss. just dont. okey ? *kenyit mata* well, api tu kawan dia air. kalau kau bagi kawan api dengan minyak tanah. perghhhh. kebakaran besar kot. right ? so, cerita cengeng telah bertukar jadi cerita api. hahaha. 

kenapa gambar ni ? sajaa terobek . ingat kenangan manis kan. jadi dah tak sedih sedih. hahaha. okbai !

notes : believe this, no matter how bad the situation, it'll be okey. even maybe it'll gonna take some times. but sure. everything gonna be alright :)

6 November 2014

your life is your choice

assalamualaikum and evening guys :)

What we were in the past maybe is not what we are now. what we are now mybe is not what we are will be in the future.  to be an angel or to be a devil is your choices. no one should decides what you are will be. it is your ownself. change to be a better or vice versa. move to the places that more brighter or go to the places that more darker. the choices is in your hands. 

dont be down because people are bashing you or maybe look down at you. stay strong and hold on to yourself. hold on to Allah. hold on to God. Saying all these things doesn't mean that i'm better but saying this is to remind myself too. this cruel world made me have to be more tougher more stronger. to change from bad to better ain't easy. but why should i give up on myself. the failure is not when they fail but the failure is when they fail and they stop trying. i dont want to be that failure. 

dont let your past bother you . appreciate what you have now. Step outside of your comfort zone. Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Be brave :) 

short write from me. gedbai (:

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