22 October 2014

adults vs teens

assalamualaikum . selamat petang everyone. 

when writing's mood was coming i finally updated my entry yeayyy ! ! i want to stop blogging but i cant eventho im not the famous blogger kan, but yeah. i still love to write and do talking ( write ) to myself. hiks. heyy yoo. i oredy 2nd year student and will finish my degree two years more. yeyeyeye. ( klau umur pnjg. klau ad rezeki ) so, realized, this girl is not girl anymore but become as woman. perghhh. bunyi mcm dewasa sgt. bunyi mcm mak-mak sgt. mak mak? ehehh. dah dua puloh. hbis thun ni dah 21. umur dah bole kawen dah oi. hahahaha. okok. stop.

im currently stuck with my esaimens and revision since now is midsem break but its not like the one. with my driving class and my jpj test im quite exhausted for these past few days. moga Allah terus bagi kesabaran and kekuatan  insha Allah. but its okey as long as aku dpt together2 with family. my classes my labs my meeting and byk lagi taught me how to handle and arrange my time. alhamdulillah. there's always bad and good things in each work we did kan. but its depend on ourselves either we want to learn or just wasting your experiences without learn from them. how sad. this age is no more teens' world. hahaha. suka ria memain sekali sekala tu okey la kan. but, play all the time is not necessary aymore babe. hihihhi.

same goes to your relationship. how can you play with someone's else heart in this age. how could you . you are not in highschool anymore. no pmr no spm. for now just study hard and smart for your dip or degree and find a good job helps your family and build your own family. think about marriage is not too early i think. goals without plans are wasted. but dont forget. we plan Allah decides. feel blessed when someone can accept me for who i am. feel blessed when he put an effort to show me how serious he is. feel blessed when his family accepted me like their own family. mummy and daddy treat me like their own kids. ya Allah. sungguh. terharu sgt. alhamdulillah. and feel blessed when my family accepted and gave their positive responds too. may Allah ease everything. 

both of us have own goals. to finish our study to get a good job and for sure this love will not gonna blind us or resist us to achieve want we want in our study. and absolutely our parents' hope. benefits for long distance relationship. hahaha. no date-ing. no movie-ing no dinner-ing no lunch-ing no on the phone every night. and when we were too busy. no texting also. as we grown up act like the one. adults maybe ?  long distance relationship aint easy babe but if u can handle and put your hopes to Allah. it'll be okay. trust me. besides handle your relationship with the open mind. stabil emotion and fikiran yg waras. consideration and toleration are important. dont be too ego.

anyways, dont put too high hrapan smpi tnggi melangit. bcs, when u falls, that pain is not that deeper as your high hope. but lucky me to have him the one who always stays loyal to his love (i'v known him since highschool). been separated during highschool for more than 3 years and know we meet again during uni life. what people said. if it meant to be, it'll be. when two people meant together, they will find their way back. trust me. :). pray for the best. count family's blessing too. its important. i told yah. ^_^ hehe. just pray you are my future daddy to my kids. one fine day, we gonna build our own family. im counting the days . insha Allah.

oredy wrote a long essay i think. now, time to stop. goodbye. salam alaik :)

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